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Disc brake works and classification

Disc brakes, also known as disc brakes, whichever shape suggests that it is named after. It consists of hydraulic control, the main parts are brake discs, wheel cylinders, brake calipers, tubing, etc. Alloy steel and manufactured brake disc fixed to the wheel, with the wheels turning.

Brake wheel cylinder fixed to the floor fixed and brake caliper on the two friction plates are mounted on both sides of the brake disc, wheel cylinder piston by the hydraulic tubing-conveyed to the role of promoting the film pressure to the brake friction friction brake disc, set to work like pliers clamping rotating plate, forcing it to stop the same. Disc brake cooling fast, light weight, simple structure,easy adjustment.


Especially when the high temperature performance and high load, the braking effect of stability, but not afraid of mud invasion, and poor road conditions in winter driving, disc brake drum brake more easily than in a relatively short period of time so that the car stopped. Some disc brake disc brakes also opened a lot of holes to accelerate and improve brake ventilation efficiency.


Disc brake disc brakes along to the force, brake shaft from bending moment, radial, small size, braking performance and stability.


Disc brake structure type. Commonly used in disc brakes a little disc, overall style and cone disc three.


Point disc:
As the brake disc friction surface only a small part, so that point disc. Fixed and floating caliper calipers two. In order not to brake shaft by the radial force and bending moment, point disc brake cylinder should be arranged in pairs. Braking torque is larger, can be more of the brake cylinder. Necessary, in the middle of open air groove to reduce friction temperature, heat insulation measures should be taken to prevent deterioration of the hydraulic oil temperature high.


Overall type:
This compact brake friction area.


Cone disc:
Motor power, the axis shifted to the right, brake to brake.    


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