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Close beside the green light on the future

The evening of March 26, 8:30-9:30, STEKI will once again take concrete actions to respond to the "Earth Hour", which is the third year in a row STEKI response and participate in the activities.



Compared with last year STEKI call will be more environmentally friendly way with everyone involved in "Earth Hour". A 20W lamp, if the world each closed one hour will reduce 108,000 tons of carbon emissions; a 60W spotlights, if the world each closed one hour will reduce 324,000 tons of carbon emissions ... ... STEKI call We calculate in this hour, how much you can reduce the carbon footprint? STEKI four plants, five sales branches will be extinguished one hour; STEKI hundreds of employees and their families will be added to this event, the day of the event lights for one hour.


STEKI has been for energy conservation, promote recycling and efforts. From conducting business in mainland China since, STEKI companies around the section of the paper will be saving and work habits as vigorously. In their daily work, in order to reduce power consumption, STEKI all office lights automatically at lunch hour, overtime at night only on half of the lighting after 18:30, 20:30 Auto shut down all the lighting. Meanwhile, STEKI advocate to reduce paper waste, promote the paperless office, to promote two-sided printing. Reduce the use of disposable paper cups, uniform recycling waste paper, magazines, newspapers and other recyclable resources. In addition, STKEI also held by various forms of in-house full of activities to increase environmental awareness, active participation in environmental activities. For example, within the company on a regular basis to strengthen the environmental awareness activities, organizing employee volunteer tree planting, cleaning activities.


STEKI that: a really good local enterprises, in addition to providing customers with products and services, but also with the social and natural environment of peaceful coexistence, and to assume corresponding social responsibilities. "Earth Hour" is a global public good activities, STEKI hope that through their influence on public participation in the call, I hope that through our concerted efforts to raise public awareness of energy conservation, and actively respond to global climate change. You can visit the official website of the Chinese mainland STEKI, more participation in activities, and STEKI work together, to create the Earth a better tomorrow.


Over the years, STEKI always adhering to the group of "symbiosis" concept around the public green energy strategy, inspired by their own actions more public attention to China's public welfare. In pursuit of environmental protection, education, enlightenment, culture and heritage, humanitarian assistance, staff volunteers, and many other social contribution activities, actively participate and contribute more.


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