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STEKI Kunshan plant to double ...

January 18, 2010, STEKI Kunshan plant opening ceremony was successfully held, marking, STEKI toward the rapid development of China's industrial automation market continues to move. The STEKI for new plant construction in Kunshan extreme importance to achieve the electromagnetic clutch and brake control system, production capacity doubled. In addition, the Kunshan plant will build a new R&D center to enhance the localization of R&D products STEKI ability to better meet their needs to provide users with the transmission and control solutions.



STEKI2010 sales in Asia increased 97%. In the foreseeable future, especially in Asia, mainland China market will continue to maintain high growth rate. In recent years, mainland China has rapidly become the world's largest industrial automation market. In this regard, STEKI devote greater efforts to prove their confidence.


STEKI Kunshan factory dedicated to producing new magnetic clutch and brake control systems products. In addition, the resident technical expert will Kunshan plant maintenance services and offer a full range of automation training courses. The new R & D center will strengthen regional R&D capabilities, and collaborative local Chinese machinery manufacturers to develop systems. Engineers will focus on developing new plant in Kunshan industrial applications and solutions, to be able to better meet market demand. New plant will be based on local needs, through cooperation with STEKI Taiwan to further adjust the existing product line, adjusted for the solution will be used in almost every major industry machinery and automation projects.


As a leading provider of industrial clutch and brake, STEKI provide users with a complete transmission solution. Product line, there are electromagnetic clutch / electromagnetic brakes, magnetic clutch / magnetic brakes, Air Clutch / Air brakes, safety chucks / air shaft, and so on.


STEKI early as 2005, had started production in mainland China, localized products, the Kunshan plant was built in 2010 into the current employees with outstanding performance, professionalism, this is a key factor in investment decisions where. It was on the staff is committed to the efforts of local R&D and services, STEKI Kunshan plant is doubling capacity and towards achieving the goal of steadily expanding business forward.


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