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STEKI significant expansion of ...

STEKI significant expansion of its market share in emerging countries. In the next five years, STEKI all business operations in emerging countries the growth rate will exceed the growth rate of the local market. Strong economic growth in emerging markets and other areas in the industry have brought a huge demand.



To seize market opportunities, STEKI has greatly expanded its presence in emerging markets. Emerging markets remain the engine driving global economic growth. STEKI has a strong local business promotion and product for the local market, the excellent market position in the local market will enable us to achieve the development of above-average market share. To expand STEKI lead, we are further promoting the development of products for emerging markets, and strengthen the local value creation.


As a supplier of industrial automation equipment, STEKI owns industrial clutch and brake control systems and other business areas, in order to meet emerging market needs for the local market portfolio. STEKI developed in mainland China for more new industrial clutch and brake, and production in mainland China. These products are not only more cost-effective, and fast response, high accuracy, thus creating more value for customers.


In the past few years, STEKI in emerging markets has made more than average growth. STEKI not only plans to vigorously promote in Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa (BRIC) and the Middle East's growth, but also in Chile, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, Poland, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam further expansion.


We firmly believe that the correct values ​​will STEKI become an integral part of the emerging market economies, and sincerely cooperate with customers, working together to achieve sustainable development.


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