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STEKI will get all dressed up to SINO CORRUGATED 2015

The widely focused SINO CORRUGATED will be held from 14th-17th, Apr., 2015 on Pudong new international expo center. At that time, STEKI will bring its advanced industrial clutches/brakes to the exhibition, and you will enjoy and check STEKI progressive corrugation tension control solutions by viewing new and creative products.



In 2014, STEKI achieved great market share in corrugation industry and had quite professional face-to-face communications with customers. As continuation of corrugation industry technology marketing, in this exhibition, STEKI will put forward its deeper technical advantage by showing its integrated industry-advanced-technology products, so you will see full-set tension control solutions applied to complete corrugation production line.


In the future, China corrugation industry will face new challenges under new situation, new requirement, and new development. In recent years, the greatly increased labor cost is one of the biggest problems that many companies have been facing; companies can only achieve profits by increasing production line efficiency, weeding out low–speed corrugation production line. However, high-speed corrugation production line will put great challenges on tension control for corrugated paper. STEKI will bring its new clutches/brakes to achieve great effect on stable tension and guarantee the high quality and efficiency. STEKI clutches applied on paper splicer, and brakes applied on backstands, with high torque stability and consistency, can provide outstanding stability experience for high-speed equipment. Moreover, STEKI constant new technology applications promote greatly products lifetime, which can reduce maintenance frequency for corrugation production line and promote delivery time, in the meantime, benefit corrugation manufacturers and suppliers. The new technology application can be greatly proved by Taiwan HSIEH HSU group.


New technology brings STEKI new challenges, industry development brings STEKI hope, confidence, and power, at the same time, brings such a big scale for STEKI. Except this, STEKI not only advances in products, but also in teamwork. With clients' support, with mutual success, STEKI can achieve the promise of making contribution to society.


Apart from traditional marketing channels, STEKI also expands its e-commerce fields, from all kinds of efficient paths to complete resources integration and strategic cooperation, and then perfect complete service marketing for customers.


STEKI will show a total new face in this 2015 SINO CORRUGATED with several new series of products like mechanical chucks, wish all new and old customers to come and check.


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