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The first solid state lithium battery production line in China

In 2020, China's first solid-state lithium battery production line was born. The industry believes that all solid state lithium batteries will be the future development direction of electric vehicle battery. As a high-tech enterprise specialized in providing air shaft and safety chuck for lithium battery production line, Steki has invested in independent research and development, accumulated industry experience, breakthroughs in product technology, and application of digital technology and intelligent control technology in solid-state lithium battery in the past 30 years, all of which have contributed to boost the lithium-ion battery manufacturing industry and better meet the new demand released by market changes.



It is understood that the air shaft and safety chuck also play a key role in new energy lithium battery equipment. Air shaft is also known as air expansion shaft, air pressure shaft, expansion shaft, air expansion roller, inflation shaft, pressure shaft, etc. It has many features, such as safe and fast grasp of various nuclear tubes without wear. It adopts non screw design, which can effectively avoid air leakage caused by bolt friction. In practical application, it has the characteristics of convenient operation, fast operation and no damage to the drum. It is a high stability product. The safety chuck provides fast, safe, reliable and simple coupling and disengaging operation for frequent actions such as coupling drive and disengagement. The size of the transmission part of the safety chuck can be designed and manufactured according to the customer's mechanical specifications and characteristics. The overall structure has excellent rigidity, can withstand high torsion, and is safe without the consideration of looseness in rotation. It provides replaceable VT type reel holding mouth, which greatly prolongs the service life, and fully has the application in new energy lithium battery equipment.





This year, COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the solid lithium battery industry. From the overall development trend of the industry, from the downturn to ride the waves, the lithium battery industry has entered a stable recovery stage.


In the future, STEKI will continue to take technological innovation as the driving force, go deep into the product application scene, and make continuous breakthroughs in the business philosophy of "quality builds brand, service wins customers", so as to accelerate the development of lithium ion battery manufacturing industry and open up infinite possibilities.


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