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STEKI electromagnetic components made a breakthrough in the field of lithography


Aero-engine and lithography machine represent the top level of human technology development, and can be regarded as the dazzling pearl of the industrial crown. At present, China's Aero-engine has made great progress. So, what is the current status of China's lithography machine development? In this kind of "two bombs and one star" class "artifact" in the new era can China catch up with Europe and America?

Due to the extremely complicated lithography technology, after years of competition, ASML (Asma), which was developed from the original Philips of Netherlands, is now the dominant company in this area, occupying most of the market share, while the two Japanese lithography companies (Nikon and Canon) are still struggling, and have basically withdrawn from the lithography market. Facing the rapid development of the international semiconductor industry, China is far behind.



As we all know, Huawei has made great achievements in the chip field, but even if it can develop the chip itself, it still can't be mass-produced without lithography machine. Under the recent Sino-US trade conflict, how does China's chip industry break through?


After entering the 21st century, China has restarted the research and development of lithography machine and established a special research and development company -- Shanghai microelectronic equipment co., LTD. (SMEE). At present, STEKI Shanghai has established a cooperative partnership with SMEE, and the engineering innovation team has worked together to solve key problems. In the field of one of the key electromagnetic components, STEKI Shanghai has achieved a number of breakthroughs, which have been successfully applied in practice and are about to enter the mass production stage.



With the successful development of the above-mentioned key technologies and five to eight years time for China, China's optical technology will stand on the world's leading position, at that time, China's chip industry will usher in a dawn.


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