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Good news! Congratulations to our Kunshan factory for its recognition as a "high-tech enterprise"

Recently, our Kunshan factory formally passed the review and successfully entered the national high-tech enterprise ranks, become a national high-tech enterprise.     


It is reported that national high-tech enterprises is through the development of science and technology or new scientific inventions in the field, or the new operation in the original field. It represents the development level and innovative technology of our industrial products. The review mainly focuses on the company's core intellectual property rights, the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, the organization and management level of research and development, and the four dimensions of growth indicators. It is highly professional and authoritative.



The STEKI Kunshan factory is promoted to a national high-tech enterprise, marking a new stage for comprehensive strength and a milestone in the history of the company. This is also the best proof that the government, industry, and society recognize the STEKI brand value and honor strength. It'll encourage STEKI to continue its efforts to provide customers with better industrial automation products and services.


STEKI is an industry-leading supplier of clutch brake systems. The company combines technology and manufacturing to provide innovative solutions to global industrial customers. The five major businesses of company are hydraulic brake systems, pneumatic clutches and brake systems, electromagnetic clutches and brakes, powder clutches and brakes, and tension control and Servo edge control system. For further information, Welcome to our website:



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