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The first solid state lithium battery production line in China

In 2020, China's first solid-state lithium battery production line was born. The industry believes that all solid state lithium batteries will be the future development direction of electric vehicle battery.. > 更多

STEKI unveiled at the 21st China International Industry Fair to help the development of the industrial robot industry

From September 17th to 21st, STEKI unveiled at the 21st China International Industry Fair 2019 (or "CIIF"). It will bring a new path to the development of domestic industrial robot industry.. > 更多

STEKI electromagnetic components made a breakthrough in the field of lithography

Aero-engine and lithography machine represent the top level of human technology development, and can be regarded as the dazzling pearl of the industrial crown.. > More

STEKI unveiled at the China Industry Fair and released new core components for robots!..

From September 19 to September 23, the 20th China International Industry Fair ("China Industry Fair") was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)... > More

Good news! Congratulations to our Kunshan factory for its recognition as a "high-tech enterprise"..

Recently, our Kunshan factory formally passed the review and successfully entered the national high-tech enterprise ranks, become a national high-tech enterprise... > More

STEKI will get all dressed up to SINO CO..

The widely focused SINO CORRUGATED will be held from 14th-17th, Apr., 2015 on Pudong new international expo center. At that time, STEKI will bring its advanced industrial clutches/brakes to the exhibition... > More

STEKI significant expansion of ...
STEKI significant expansion of its market share in emerging countries. In the next five years, STEKI all business operations in emerging countries the growth rate will exceed the growth rate of the local market... > More

STEKI Kunshan plant to double ...

January 18, 2010, STEKI Kunshan plant opening ceremony was successfully held, marking, STEKI toward the rapid development of China's industrial automation market continues to move... > More

Close beside the green light on the futu..

The evening of March 26, 8:30-9:30, STEKI will once again take concrete actions to respond to the "Earth Hour", which is the third year in a row STEKI response and participate in the activities... > More

Disc brake works and classification
Disc brakes, also known as disc brakes, whichever shape suggests that it is named after. It consists of hydraulic control, the main parts are brake discs, wheel cylinders, brake calipers, tubing, etc.. > More

How to maintain the electromagnetic brak..

Electromagnetic brake maintenance methods..> More

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