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Servo Edge Position Control System
EPC-A10/LPC-A12 adopts the 32-bit CPU DC servo motor-driven and no overshot variable PI . Rectification is of high accuracy, fast reaction. It supports three operation modes: edge-following#line-following and centering.
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Photoelectric Sensor
PS-500 Photoelectric Sensor is based on the visible light exposed correction transducer and suitable for the application of coiled material's edge-following or transparent material's line-following.
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Servo Motor Linear Driver
The rectilinear driver of series of PD-2XX Servo Motor Linear Driver uses brushless DC servo motor to drive. Comparing to other motors, they have the features of high efficiency, high speed, short responding time, large detent torque, accurate brake and maintenance-free. The part of transmission uses the high-accurate ball screw with high transmission efficiency, less return difference and accurate position. It is widely used for the application of high speed and accuracy rectifying deviation..
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Intermediate Guiding Frame of Servo Motor
Intermediate guiding frame adopts brushless DC servo motor to drive, uses precise ball screw for transmission, has features of tight structure, great mechanical rigidity, low inertia, high accuracy and is suitable for high-speed high-accuracy guides in the process of web running.
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