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Automatic tension controller (KTC)
The controller utilizes a PID algorithm to control tension in unwind, rewind or intermediate zones. Hardy also provides pneumatic systems to convert the analog output to a pneumatic signal for air- brake operation. Because the actual product tension is measured, this type of precision control eliminates common process problems found in web and strand processes including feathering, breakage, telescoping, wrinkling, and blocking. Basis of the input signal, it can divide into automatic controller KTC2808 and semi-automatic controller KTC3808.
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Tension detector
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Manual tension controller (LTC)
The manual tension controller is according to the change of semi diameter, through control of electricity of brakes or clutches. In addition, uses programmable controller D/A converter exciting currents, may control directly outside the voltage (0-10V) turning on manual controller, put up the automatic control.
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