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Air disc brakes, Pneumatic disc brakes, Compressed-air disc brakes, Air pressure disc brakes  
DBK Air Brakes (Type Of Cooling And Fan)
Use in high accuracy tension control situation, can provides many kinds of torque control, has a great ability of radiation, can have a widely application in processing of industries, as the packing, tissue paper and corrugated paper. The friction disc of chucks brake can choose at will, convenient for the installation and the maintenance, it can use with the user brake disc.DBK air brake already available in on equipment of brand-new design and also equipment transformation. This model can supply the type with cooling fan or not.
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DBG Air Disc Brakes
As a type of economical brake, it can provide stably and effective powder of braking. The vertical installation can saves the space, the heat of type rubbing surface can emit rapidly. The friction part is easy to replace, and it does not contain any asbestos, brake-disk thickness covers from 10mm to 20mm.Water resistant, oil resistant, and also can bears the dust.
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DBH Air Disc Brakes (Horizontal-type)
The type brake is for horizontal-type installation, it can provides approximately 2 times of braking powder than vertical installation. Add the expandable shrapnel to guarantee the brake balance, brake-disk thickness also covers from 10mm to 20mm.
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DBC Air Disc Brakes
As a type of small brake, the installation is flexible, can save more installation room. Application of torque control and brake maintenance specially adapt to the light loading condition. Convenient for release of heat and maintenance, we can supply the model of manual control.
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DBF Air Disc Brakes
It is a type of small brake which bottom is stationary, adapts differently way of installation, also can use in the brake of beeline movement. Big friction area can extend the cycle of maintenance and longevity destiny line. If it installs certain brakes on one disc, torque also enlarge along with it certain time.
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DBH-F (Horizontal-type)Air-actuated Disc Brakes (Brakes By Springs,Release by Air)
It is suitable use in protection condition specially, depends on the spring brake, release after full of air. The brake can run automatically when power is off or the air pressure is low, moreover the reactivity of link or unloosen is very promptly. The simple solid structure has the good dependability, the service life can last very longer.
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DBK10/DBK20.2/DBK20.4 Air-actuated Disc Brakes
The way of multi-point brake, have many kinds of way of installation, add or reduce brake part at will, make it have a extensive range of torque control, moreover it have a high torque and accuracy. It can apply in the course of tension control, the emergency brake and control the place and so on.
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DBKF Air Disc Clutches
The DBKF air disc clutches enter the air through the swivel joint, it is a type clutch of crust revolving. Specialty is the high torque and the high accuracy, overall ventilated structure, easy to release heat. It is suitable for receives the volume and all kinds of tension control.
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